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To compete in today’s world, your website needs to rank for keywords that matter. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to optimizing your website for search engines, which determine how to rank search results.


We can help you find out what those “phrases that pay” are and improve the optimization for your local Indianapolis company.  As your competitors attempt to leapfrog you, we will work hard to make sure you stay on top. Our Indianapolis SEO company is ready to work for you.

Digital Advertising

We don’t stop at Organic Search Engine Optimization, we also manage your entire Digital Marketing Campaign.  From Ads on Google AdWords to mobile ads in apps, video ads on YouTube and more, we have the entire spectrum of your digital empire under control. Our Indianapolis SEO company can manage your organic and paid acquisitions seamlessly.


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Is Google Ignoring your SEO efforts? Now is the Time to Consider BoxCrush, leading Indianapolis SEO Company.

You know the drill. Google likes fresh, relevant content. So, you write the fresh, relevant content, but your rank seems to stay stagnant, and not on the first page of Google search results. With 33% of all users clicking on the top results, showing at the top of the page is more critical than ever. Add in the limited real estate of a mobile screen, and you need to be on top of your SEO game.

Searching for a local company that specializes in local Indianapolis SEO? Let BoxCrush be your Indianapolis SEO company. SEO can be tricky, but with BoxCrush, we do the heavy lifting. We optimize your copy, stay on top of the latest Google updates (Penguin! Panda! Possum? Seriously.) and work diligently to provide you with the best SEO services Indianapolis has to offer. Keep reading to learn how we can help your company rank for keywords and phrases important in your industry, make sure your website is optimized for search engines, and make your web presence outstanding in every way.

Indianapolis SEO Company

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Managed Local Listings for SEO

Your Google My Business listing is a critical part of your SEO efforts. Have you looked at yours lately? Is your listing claimed and verified? Once you “own” your Google listing, you can share meaningful information with the users who need it most – users looking at Google maps, interested in learning about or locating your business. From there, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of listing services that websites may use when listing local businesses. You want accurate company information to be on every single one, but how is that even possible? BoxCrush can manage your local listings, which will, in turn, amplify your Indianapolis SEO efforts . Afterall, ranking well for a keyword doesn’t do much good if customers can’t pull your location up on their mobile device. With location based results becoming the norm, optimized local listings for your company are essential.

Keyword Phrases for SEO

What about keyword phrases? Ever since Google took away its popular keyword tool in AdWords, SEO specialists have been struggling to find something to replace it. BoxCrush has found a few solutions and tools that our clients seem to value, and we’d love to share them with you. Keyword volume is an important metric that’s sometimes overlooked – what good is it to rank #1 for a phrase that no one uses? Our SEO specialists will make sure that your keyword phrases are ones that people actually use when searching for your company and its competitors. Once this core list is developed, our specialists will continue to work on discovering other phrases that may be currently overlooked with good ranking and traffic potential. 

Website Structures and SEO Services

What can you expect from BoxCrush? We pay attention to details. We will read your entire site, question its menu structure, its URL structure, and its page layout. We will look at your site analytics, looking for popular pages and links, and establish how people are using your website. Then we will apply our knowledge of SEO best practices to your site, in a way that works for both the search engines and the people you want to visit it. Increasing your company’s presence online is our main goal.

Copy Length and SEO

The amount of copy on a page is also important – your website needs to be readable to not only to human visitors, but also to search engines. Their search-bots can’t see everything the human eye can see, and they can see some things that your human visitors cannot. It’s important that your company website accommodates both kind of visitors. Our Indianapolis SEO services strike a balance between these two types of visitors for a site that’s appealing to both. Well written copy and strategic use of keyword phrases are vital to both types of traffic.

Indianapolis SEO Company

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Measured SEO Success

How do you know our SEO company is working for you? As we learn what kind of actions on your website are valuable to your company, we will include those statistics in our reporting. If the goal is to have website visitors fill out form or buy a product, we will report on those actions, as well as our SEO efforts. As your best search terms rise in the Google results, the actions most important to your company will also rise.    

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