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When looking to boost your SEO efforts, of course you are looking for an experienced SEO firm. BoxCrush has been creating websites and marketing them successfully for over 13 years. SEO has changed a lot in that time, and we’ve made sure to change with it. Because we build websites, we know exactly how to structure the mechanics of your website for a good user experience while also following best practices. We see a number of websites that aren’t ranking in the search engines because when their site was launched they forgot to check the box “let search engines see my site.” Oops.

BoxCrush works with clients of every size in a variety of industries in Indianapolis and around the country. We have clients with a brick and mortar presence, clients with only an online presence and everything in between. If your web presence is not what you want it to be, and you are ready to hire the Indianapolis SEO experts, give us a call or fill the contact form today.

Experienced Indianapolis SEO Firm

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BoxCrush is an Experienced SEO Firm

For 14 years, our firm has been building websites and helping people find them online, before SEO was a buzzword. Some things we’ve always done, like including keywords in URLs, have become industry best practices. Making sure pertinent information is “above the fold,” to prevent users from having to endlessly scroll is something we’ve always recommended. We began building responsive websites years before Google started rewarding mobile-friendliness, and we’ve always done our best to convince clients that a mobile presence is essential, even if they’re certain their clients aren’t on mobile (they are, trust us). As an experienced SEO firm, we can guide you into enhancing your current site to be as optimized as possible.

Things our SEO website audit include:

  • Proper use of H1 tags
  • Proper use of HTML tag hierarchy
  • Keyword phrases – usage and density
  • URL structure
  • Meta keywords and meta descriptions
  • Site structure
  • Alternative text
  • Sitemap and Robot files
  • Internal linking and external linking strategy
Once we begin work, expect to hear from us frequently. We like to do a deep dive with you at least once a month, more often if you’d like to be a bigger part of the process, less often if you just want our firm to apply our experience and make the SEO magic happen. We provide with updates of what action items have been completed, as well as what action items are on deck.

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BoxCrush is located on the Northside of Indianapolis, and we serve a variety of local and national clients. We are full service firm that can do everything from building a customized website to getting that website the rank you want and need in the search engines. The first step to getting website visitors is to make your website seen, and as an experienced SEO firm, BoxCrush can make it happen.

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