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Indianapolis SEO Services

When you sign a contract for SEO services, what does that mean, anyway? It’s important to know what you’ve signed on for, and how those services will increase your SEO game. If you’re not sure of the value of one of our services, please ask us about it. We are happy to explain more about how all of these things work together.  At BoxCrush, our SEO services include the following:

Auditing Your Website for SEO Opportunities

This not only includes the copy on your website, but the structure of your website as well. SEO best practices include details for your human readers, as well for the search engine crawlers. We take a look at your website structure, make sure your site is visible to search engines, and look for opportunities to improve your rankings. We look for site errors, optimize page speed, and see how well your site does on our checklist for mobile responsiveness.

Keyword Phrases and Copywriting for SEO

It all starts with deciding on the keywords for which you want your website to rank. We look at your competitors, your Google Analytics, and your current rankings to see where our SEO efforts should be concentrated. We can help you narrow down keyword phrases, and even discover new ones as we optimize your site. We put ourselves in the mindset of your target audience, and develop a keyword strategy that will get the right people to the right pages on your website. We are able to write copy optimized for websites, which may read differently that information you share on print materials. Our writers keep up to date on the copy points Google likes best so that the copy we write is seen favorably by search engines.

Local Listings Management Services

You know you have a Yelp listing, but do you own it? And how does owning it help your SEO efforts? Our SEO services include navigating your Google My Business account, claiming your Facebook pages, and making sure you have access to your main public listings. From there, our services include managing all of the other local listing services. There are over 100 different services out there (think, Bing, FourSquare), all with information. The more correct your information is across the Internet, the more likely your results are to show in local searches. With users searching on mobile devices all the time (even will using a desktop at the same time), accuracy in listing services is crucial. Many services also allow users to create business listings (to check-in and for social sharing), so your business may not even be aware of all of their own listings out there.

Performance Measured in Robust Report Services

We can help you determine what metrics are important to you web-wise, and then we measure how we deliver those metrics. Whether you’re looking for eCommerce conversions, sales leads or brand awareness, we can tailor our Indianapolis SEO services to your business. Our reports can include your website rankings for particular keywords, as well as how well your competitors rank for those keywords. Reports can also align search terms with web traffic to determine what keywords are bringing in visitors who convert, or keywords that bring in visitors who bounce before completing a meaningful action. Each month we will make recommendations for further improvements, and after implementation, track the difference those improvements have made.

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